Why LeaderVoice

Did Social Media Really Matter? A Social Media May not create wonders for just having presence in it. But the Real task begins when a leader or a political party begin Responding to a dynamic set of questions about your agenda and issues with your Voter in your Constituency. There can be a big impact, depending on how a leader goes about using social media, especially when trying to reach the more 'tech savvy' generation. For example, a lot of candidates who contest in elections have their own twitter or Facebook or YouTube accounts. They use social media to reach people on a more personal level, making them more accessible, with personal videos or responding to other people tweets.

So what leader Voice does for this effective Communication. Leader voice is a wide-ranging portal designed and developed for the Effective Communication in the Political Environment. We give Endless support for the Political Parties and Political Leaders As well through our innovative Social Media Campaigns as per the Current Social Media Environment.

The online presence has tremendously been increasing since 2012 so a political Leader need a platform to communicate with his voter so as to convey his ideas or to know the Views of his voter. Hence Our Project is focused on reducing the communication gap between the leader and his follower or Voter.

We deliver a timely notification about the In-bounds and Out-bounds to the Leader and Voter As well through SMS Alert, E-mail alerts Leader Voice takes the Leader into the next level in his Personal Branding. The followers or likes in the Facebook page may either be genuine or may not, but the Follower here in leader voice will be a person who has got interest in politics and who has got knowledge on society. Leader voice can give leader flexibility in saving time in multiple logins; one login in leader voice facilitates a leader to convey his message in all the integrated Social Media channels. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, YouTube)

Leader voice Advantages A unique Communication Platform powered by most advanced technology Live synchronizing with all popular Social media site like Facebook, linked in, Twitter and Google plus Live forum to interact with audience on various issues Live alerts on visitor’s comments through SMS You can update your activities with videos, photos and text time to time Dedicated technical and backend team to support 24x7 across 365 days

How Leader Voice is Different from other Social Media Channels. Segment: Leader voice segments the activities of a leader like developments, Events, Videos, Photos and schedule whereas Facebook profile or page has got a timeline which shows the activities in a timely fashion. Leader voice presence is a powerful way to engage and connect with people, ultimately leader voice utilizes other social media networking’s to get traffic back to your profile pages in leader voice and website.

Who we are and what we do We are Online branding Specialists who worked across different Sectors and successfully Shown Positive Results in the Online Marketing Environment. Now we took a Step to Show Tremendous Results in the Political Campaigning Process with the use of Social Media The Entities here are

1. Leadervoice.in: Exclusive Website Developed by us which facilitates a registered user with Utmost benefits a Social Media can give him.
2. Personal Website: We give a Personal Website to a leader with his Own Domain name and Customized Content in it, which helps him on his independent online identity.
3. Social Media Channels: Social Media Helps a Leader in engaging his followers with timely framed posts. We create accounts and pages in social media channels.
4. We Integrated the Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, google plus and LinkedIn through the Leader voice and also the Personal website we had given.

Why to go for online Media Reach and communicate to large group of audience instantly One to many Reach the people Get live Candid feedback from people without middle man Broadcast your activities regularly and create a positive impact Get connected to NRIs and other online Communities effortlessly 18-35 yrs Age groups are well connected to internet through mobile Newly registered voters (Above 18yrs) are majority internet users Express your views to your voters engage them and take their comments Get noticed by senior Party leaders and party presidents without middle man Increased visibility in print media and Electronic media

Benefits of Leader voice Leader voice is Live Target live wire online Media portal Offers: Two way communication with people. Get a Live visibility and Reach round the clock and 365 days. Most advanced and Effective way to reach your Target audience. Express, Engage and exchange your views with your voters Seek feedback directly various issues. Effectively reach intellectual groups who are worth enough to influence in their close circles. Get the public pulse from time to time without middle man. Leader Can build Cader and retain them. Turn Digital followers into Real-World Volunteers.