About LeaderVoice

Leader VoiceLeader Voice is a unique Social Media portal whose purpose is to create online platform for the leaders to reach large group of individuals who are well connected through most happening social media websites. Leader Voice helps political leaders and their respective parties to communicate who they are, what their message is, and how they articulate their message so that the people hear it or get it and act upon it. It will continuously provide updates about their activities to the public and has a provision to seek the feedback on various issues happening around including raising the voice related to the social and developmental issues in that Ward or Village or Mandal or District or Constituency or the State itself.

A Social Media may not create wonders for just having presence in it. But the real task begins when a leader or a political party begin responding to a dynamic set of questions about its agenda and issues with people in the Constituencies.  There can be a big impact, depending on how a leader goes about using social media, especially when trying to reach more current 'Tech Savvy' generation. For example, many candidates who contest in elections have their own Twitter or Facebook or YouTube accounts.  They use social media to reach people on a more personal level, making them more accessible, with personal videos or responding to other people tweets. Whereas there is no means for a focused interaction with people in their respective parties or constituencies which Leader Voice provides.

The platform is conceptualised and built by the experienced professionals from the industry with vast experience in business domain and Information Technology with an objective to offer a focused and dedicated platform for leaders either from the political community or corporate sector where leader will maintain the social relationship with people or employees through direct communication and information sharing. Especially, leaders from political community will have to create a personal brand for themselves by maintaining the relationships with citizen and helping them in resolution of their day to day issues in their respective constituencies in order to sustain their presence and winnability during the elections.